First International Psycholinguistics Meeting of Anpoll

Some of the local and international participants in the event have agreed in making their slides, posters and papers available here. We thank them for that and we will be posting materials as soon as they reach us here. If you would like to share your conference materials too, send them to


  • Andrew Nevins (UCL, London) slides
  • Arabie Bezri Hermont poster
  • Armanda Costa (Universidade de Lisboa) slides
  • Adrian Staub (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) slides1 slides2
  • Bruna Franchetto (UFRJ) slides
  • Charles Yang (University of Pennsylvania) slides1 slides2 paper
  • Cilene Rodrigues (Harvard) slides
  • Colin Phillips (University of Maryland) slides paper paper2 paper3 paper4
  • Ellen Lau (Tufts University) slides1 slides2
  • Thiago de Oliveira Motta Sampaio poster